Protect your e-identification

Using e-identification online is generally safer than an ID card at a store. Still there are a few things you should keep in mind to protect your e-identification from falling into the hands of unauthorized people.

Your e-identification is a valuable document

Your e-identification is just as personal as a passport, driving licence or ID card. You are responsible every time it is used.

It is up to you to make sure that nobody else has access to your e-identification, that the smart phone, tablet or computer on which it has been activated is secure and that it is blocked as soon as you discover that someone else may be able to use it.

Keep swindlers at bay

At one time or another, a swindler is likely to contact you and say that they represent the police, a bank or someone else whom you implicitly trust. They might claim that an emergency has occurred and you have to log in with your e-identification right away. That could be all they need to obtain access to your money or sensitive information.

Prevent others from accessing your e-identification

Make sure that nobody can use your e-identification without your knowing about it. Following are several wise precautions you can take.